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Community Based Networks provides the opportunity and resources for community based organizations to collaborate, and carry out the services they do best.    


This site is intended to match your community-based organization with payers and other agencies looking to serve a specific population.     


Sign up to be listed within our database of organizations looking to serve their community.  Let payer’s know you are here, and willing to help.  


As you work through our guided step by step process, you can see where your organizations services are in greatest demand.  At the end of the process you have the opportunity to become a Network Leader, Agency Asset, or Payer.  As a Network Leader you can rapidly grow the services your organization has to offer by teaming up with other community based organizations, within your community. By collaborating with other organizations, the impact of your combined efforts allows payers a one stop shop when looking to fill the needs of your community.   


If contracting with payers is not exactly something you look forward to, then join our database as an Agency Asset.  As an Agency Asset your organization’s profile will be listed within our database for Network Leaders to partner with. Once partnered with a Network Leader let the Network Leaders contract with payers on your behalf. As the Network Leader spends time contracting with payers, your organization can spend time doing what you love, serving your community.