The Future of Community-based Healthcare

This video goes through how patients in the community of Rotherham is currently being cared for and what they feel needs to change in order to improve the healthcare continuum from start to finish. As you watch the video think of how your community-based organization could fit into this type of care setting. Imagine the possibilities of transforming our current healthcare system to reflect more closely with this model.


This site goes in depth on how to prepare your community-based organization to begin collaborating with other community-based organizations. With an in depth review of issues to consider, and how to carry out your partnerships. Read More

Nonprofit Collaboration 2.0

The, Stanford Social Innovation Review, walks through what it's like seeking out collaboration opportunities, and what can be expected during the process. Learn how to find a win-win situation for your community-based organization. Read More

Why and How do Nonprofits Work Together?

Want to know why it makes sense to partner with other community-based organizations? This article from, Philanthropy News Digest, walks through some of the main reasons it makes sense to collaborate, how to form relationships between organizations, and knowing your limits. Read More

Medical Loss Ratio Requirements and Community-Based Networks

How could your community-based organization find additional income from the medical loss ratio (MLR)? According to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurance companies must spend a minimum amount of premiums on patient care. The great news is your community-based organization could qualify to meet these minimum requirements. Why not spend those premiums on preventive care your organization is offering? Read More

How Multi-Sector Health Partnerships Evolve

A quick snapshot on how health care partnerships are springing up all over the country. Included in this blog post by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation posted on July 10, 2017, are insights into how partnerships are evolving, the pitfalls they face, and how they move to action. Read More

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