Addressing Social Determinants of Health in Primary Care

A quick guide on how to get your Primary Care Physician to start focusing on the social determinants of health. How the office can assess how well they are finding resources, and ways to improve on the process. Follow the guide to get the PCP focused on social determinants of health. Learn More

Connections in Communities Between Accreditation and Achieving a Culture of Health

“The Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) Version 1.0 of the Standards and Measures raised the bar for community engagement and cross-sectoral collaboration in creating and then implementing a community health improvement plan.”. The accreditation is used to create a “Culture of Health in a community.” The “Action Framework” is used as the standards for achieving collaborative partnerships in addressing the social determinants of health. The four main areas of action are as follows. First making health a shared value across a community. Second is fostering cross-sectoral collaboration to improve well-being. Third is creating healthier, more equitable communities. Fourth is strengthening

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